[Tutorial] Custom Gimp Splash Screens ::

March 19, 2012 at 11:42 am EDT

Adding custom Gimp splash screens is surprisingly easy.  Today, we’ll cover this super simple process!

  1. Create the new directory:
    • Under Linux, Gimp 2.6: ~/.gimp-2.6/splashes
    • Under Linux, Gimp 2.7: ~/.gimp-2.7/splashes
    • Under Windows, Gimp 2.6: C:\Documents and Settings\’your username here’\.gimp-2.6\splashes
    • Under Windows, Gimp 2.7: C:\Documents and Settings\’your username here’\.gimp-2.7\splashes
    • Under Mac OSX: /Users/’your username here’/Library/Application Support/Gimp/splashes
  2. Place splash images in the new ‘splashes’ folder.  You can put multiple images in, and Gimp will pick one randomly at start-up!
  3. Restart Gimp and bask in glory with the new splash screen in place!!

Custom Gimp splash screen

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