Replace your terminal emulator with Emacs + multi-term ::

November 13, 2013 at 2:21 am EST

Lately, I have been a big fan of using multi-term in Emacs. Enough so that I’ve essentially replaced gnome-terminal/terminator/konsole/etc. with it. I suppose it’s in nature as there seems to be a progression for most Emacs newbies toward trying to do everything in Emacs.

Anyway, the reason I use `multi-term` instead of, for instance `shell` or `term` is because it seems to play more nicely with zsh, my long-time preferred shell, as well as the ability to easily open up new buffers.

On the computer I am typing this from (and primarily configuring stuff right now), I am running XFCE on Gentoo and I wanted to set Super-t to map to my terminal emulator. The issue is that I want to use Emacs instead of xfce4-terminal. This can be solved by calling emacs using `emacs –eval “multi-term”`. This way, a new emacs instance pops up with the terminal in it. Makes things nice and convenient!

Let’s also say that you want to run the shell with some options… For instance, you want to make the shell a login shell (perhaps using RVM? :P) You can supply this by adding

(setq multi-term-program-switches “–login”)

to your ~/.emacs file

I should point out that you need a newer version for this; version 0.8.8 did not work for me (the version in marmalade), so I updated to the latest one, which is in GNU’s repos.


Any other cool tips you guys have? 🙂

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