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July 14, 2012 at 7:12 pm EST

One of the things I hate most about the internet today is having to deal with web browser compatibility.  For custom fonts on a website, it is necessary to use the font-face src tag in CSS3.  The problem here though, is that some browsers, like Internet Explorer, don’t support the TrueType font format.  As such, most methods of enabling this feature require using the Embedded OpenType format.  That also means we need to convert our .ttf files to .eot and host both up on our websites.

So, how do we convert from TTF to EOT under Linux?

First, download and install ttf2eot here:, or through your package manager if it is available.  As I’m under Arch, I personally used this AUR entry:

Now we are ready to convert our font.  The example I’ll be using is a font called Delphine, which you can find here:  It’s fully open source (you can find the original on SourceForge), and is pretty awesome.  The TTF file I am using is called Delphine.ttf.

[kota@archdesktop Downloads]$ ttf2eot < Delphine.ttf > Delphine.eot

Easy right?

The other super simple alternatives lies on  Just choose a file, hit convert, and you’re done!

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Joko Wandyatmono
Please give step by step to build a site as I need to place at my local server. Thanks and please mail me.