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March 26, 2012 at 10:57 am EST

Finding images to use without violating any laws is really tricky.  Whether it’s for that awesome 3D scene you’re working on, your latest website extravaganza, or that presentation you are rushing out the door, there is a need to find images and photos that you can use without worrying.  As such, here are some awesome websites that either only have public domain images, or something close to it.

  • Pixabay: A slick website with a lot of public domain images.  The search engine is really slick!
  • US Government Photos: All images and photos on government sites are public domain.
  • PCDrome: Another public domain photo site with over 1000 photos in 11 categories.
  • PD Photo: These are all public domain photos.
  • From Old Books: All imagery from books published in the US before the year 1923 is under public domain.
  • Old Book Illustrations: Another old book image site.
  • morgueFile: The images on morgueFile are under the morgueFile License which should be sufficient for most usage.

If you have any other good suggestions, list them below!


Liam, Thanks for the input! I will update the post. As far as I know it is also inaccurate to state that "ALL" imagery falls under this category. I believe it is the case that this is true for ALMOST all books, but not all books. Am I correct?

Liam Quin
Thanks for mentioning my Web site - note that "All imagery from books before the year 1923 is under public domain" is only true of books published in the USA by American authors. It's not true of books from other countries, even when used in the US.