[Tutorial] Custom Templates in Gimp ::

March 21, 2012 at 1:51 pm EDT

This is a super quick tutorial showing how to create custom image templates in Gimp.

After adding a new template, make sure to quit gimp before editing the templaterc file. Otherwise, your changes will be overwritten!

The location of the templaterc file can be found in the following directories:

  • Under Linux, Gimp 2.6: ~/.gimp-2.6/templaterc
  • Under Linux, Gimp 2.7: ~/.gimp-2.7/templaterc
  • Under Windows, Gimp 2.6: C:\Documents and Settings\’your username here’\.gimp-2.6\templaterc
  • Under Windows, Gimp 2.7: C:\Documents and Settings\’your username here’\.gimp-2.7\templaterc
  • Under Mac OSX: /Users/’your username here’/Library/Application Support/Gimp/templaterc

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