Wolfire’s Game ‘Receiver’ Under Linux ::

July 24, 2012 at 9:12 pm EST

Receiver is a game that Wolfire made for the 7DFPS challenge.  Built using the Unity3d engine, it mostly works in Wine, but it has one major problem: the mouse doesn’t work.  As such, I had given up on this the moment I tried it, and after I had seen other people state the same result.


Almost by chance, I came across a post on Linux Game Cast talking about how to install the horror game Slender under Linux.  I took a look at the forums it pointed to, and glanced at the script.  After a bit of digging to find what the original problem was with Slender, it turns out that Slender was also written in Unity3d, and had the same problem with the mouse not working correctly.  As such, I modified the script just slightly, and now we have a working version of Receiver under Linux!


Note that the script is a “PlayOnLinux” script.  If you want to run it, go to ‘Tools->Run a local script’ as shown below.

PlayOnLinux running a local script






Get the script here.

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